Illustration of the new urban landscape at Frederiks Plads, Aarhus.

Frederiks Plads II, Aarhus - Office, Retail, Café

Move into a new office building situated in a unique location in the center of Aarhus. Here you will be part of an attractive district, close to public transport and with good parking facilities.

A new and attractive district is under development in the center of Aarhus – Frederiks Plads.

On the former site of DSB’s rail component workshop, NCC Property Development A/S is developing a project in partnership with Bricks A/S.

Here is the possibility of having your address in the heart of Aarhus - close to the station, Bruun's Galleri shopping center and with high visibility in the urban landscape. 

The building offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Situated in the absolute center of Aarhus
  • Good parking facilities and close to the central station
  • Large shared canteen and well-equipped meeting rooms
  • Shared roof terrace with a spectacular view over the Aarhus bay

Great indoor climate and low energy consumption

The new property will be certified according to the DGNB standard and the target is a gold character. This means that the property meets high standards for environmental, economic and social sustainability - and as tenants you will save money on energy consumption while offering your employees a good indoor climate for the benefit of well-being and efficiency.

Synergy and coherence

With its features and its central location, the project will create synergies and cohesion in the heart of Aarhus. Together with Bruuns Galleri, EY-Huset, Aarhus City Tower, DGI-huset, Jægergården and Centralværkstedet, the mix of residential, retail and office buildings will create a new central district. This combines with large social spaces on Frederiks Plads and paths through the area for pedestrians and cyclists, opening up onto the surrounding streets.

Frederiks Plads has been designed as an urban district within the city, with the buildings placed around an inner square with trees and green areas. The intention is to create a lively and dynamic thoroughfare, while at the same time establishing a light and green public space for those who live and work in the buildings around the square. There are good links south to Marselis Allé and west to Bruuns Galleri and the Central Station. To the east, a public space with steps gives access to Spanien Public Baths and the port area.

Charactheristic and adapted building in a unique location 

The project adds a significant and appropriate development to downtown Aarhus, bringing dynamic new aspects to the center that naturally forms around the main train station and the bus station. Standing like a sculpture on the city’s future skyline, the materials and scale of the development will place it in harmony with the lower buildings along Jægergårdsgade. It will also inject new life into the middle of town, opening up the whole section around Værkmestergade and Jægergårdsgade to the rest of the city.

Integrated district with high quality

In terms of design and materials, the architecture of the buildings will share a common theme, with the focus on high quality. The facades will thus use natural materials such as yellow brick, which matches many of the significant buildings in the area, including the Central Station and the preserved buildings of Aarhus Central Workshops. Similarly, the buildings’ architecture will make clear material references to Frederiksbjerg and so anchor Frederiks Plads as a natural, integrated part of the city. Facing inwards towards Frederiks Plads the facades of the commercial buildings, mainly in glass and aluminum, will be stepped to form terraces at different levels.

The city's new meeting place

The buildings will be positioned on Frederiks Plads so that the commercial properties will be sited towards Spanien and Værksmestergade, with housing towards Jægergårdsgade and the southern end of Værksmestergade. The plan is for all the buildings to have stores, cafés or restaurants on the ground floor, facing Frederiks Plads.

Frederiks Plads will form a new addition to the city’s portfolio of squares, offering space in lightly furnished little “islands” for breaks plus active café life, relaxation, play, shopping and encounters between people. This is a place of diversity that suits the city’s residents, and it will quickly become an attractive place to spend time. The square will be green, friendly and flexible, so that it can be adapted to the seasons. Centrally, space will be created for a playground and various activities that will help to generate life and atmosphere all year round, giving the district an evocative focal point – the city’s new meeting place.

Quick Facts
  • City: Aarhus
  • Project type: Office, Retail
  • Project phase: Future
  • Office space: 500–4600 m²
  • Retail space: 3500 m²
  • Move in date: Ultimo 2018
  • Certificates: DGNB
  • Architect name: C.F. Møller

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