Creative illustration of how the new buildings in Frihamnen, Gothenburg will look like.

Frihamnen - Inspiring new neighborhood

In the past: a historical hub for banana boats. Now: a new waterfront neighborhood with pioneering sensation in central Gothenburg. With one foot in history and the other in the future Frihamnen creates a living environment with retail, residential and office - a mix that characterizes our property.

Central Gothenburg grows. The city has a clear ambition to connect the two river shores with each other towards Kvillebäcken, Lindholmen and Backaplan. Eventually, about 15 000 people are going to move into the area and almost as many have their jobs here. The vision of Frihamnen is a sustainable, vibrant urban space where people can live, work and spend their spare time.

One of the objectives of our property is that it should be used at all hours. By creating a ground floor filled with trade and service we give life and movement to the spaces between the buildings. Location is the best possible. In the middle of the building designed modern offices and at the top new homes.

Many businesses in the creative industries and technology and development have already found their way to Frihamnen. Not far away is Lindholmen with both Chalmers and many innovative technology consulting companies located nearby.

Small scale district by the water

Frihamnen becomes a dense but still small inner space for variety and diversity. In addition to the wide range of different types of accommodation and activities, a lovely park by the water is planned. The park invites sunbathing and swimming in summer. The design of the district takes advantage of the port's history by preserving the design of the piers. Some of the older sheds will be preserved and perhaps one of the lovely old magazines.

The water and docks will be available as far as possible. The buildings on the land will be supplemented by houseboats - maybe even houses on rafts. If you are interested in boats, you can look forward to a marina along the pleasant Kajpromenaden.

Good public transportation in all directions

Västlänken, the city tram line and Älvsnabben. If you move here, you, your colleagues and customers will be spoiled with fantastic transport links. E20 and E45 are right next door as well as the new bridge just around the corner.

Designed for your business needs

The main advantage of moving into a brand new office is that you get to influence the premises at an early stage by our concept, Future Office by NCC. Future Office is based on continuous monitoring and updating of the latest research in the working field. It is on that basis we will help you to tailor the premises to suit your business.

Another advantage of our new premises is the low running costs and environmental certification. The property will be certified according BREAM, which takes a holistic approach to the building and the nearby surroundings. It is an objective evidence that it is of high quality and truly lives up to the high environmental goals. Moving here is not only a positive stance on sustainability issues, the premises also strengthens your company's brand.