Mondo Village – spaces for living, working and feeling well

A successful workplace means people who feel well. The general feeling of wellness is created when people can find harmony and a proper balance between work and personal life, the nature and urban experiences, between social encounters and privacy.

  • The international and attractive Aviapolis area
  • Highly visible site at airport main access route

Mondo will be built at the heart of the rapidly developing enterprise area in the Helsinki metropolitan area, in Aviapolis in Vantaa. The area has for long attracted successful international enterprises.

Wellness is being able to choose the most natural way of working and making things happen, of living the life one wants. The present-day work is all about thinking, finding the right state of mind, not to forget about living. Welcome to Mondo Village, the place for living, working and feeling well!

Natural encounters

All successful businesses are based on seamless co-operation. Co-operation happens when people can meet each other in a suitable and flexible setting.

Well-balanced working life

A good employee experience and well-being are essential for thriving companies. The spaces must support the work being done, not to forget about good living, harmony and balance also in running the daily errands.

International environment

Present-day companies operate globally. Aviapolis at Vantaa is world’s gateway to Finland – and Finland’s gateway to the world.


Aviapolis is an international airport city and Vantaa’s gateway to the future. The new urban centre forms a multifunctional hub with both residential and commercial services. The property has an excellent location: in the middle of Vantaa, the greater Helsinki area, with an easy access to virtually any metropolis of the world.

Easy to access, convenient to stay

There are lots of great locations, some of them even exclusive. Mondo Village is easily accessible by air, train, bike, car and on foot. The Aviapolis railway station is only 150 metres away; travel to the airport takes two minutes and to Helsinki city centre 30 minutes by train.

Empowered by the nature at work

Mondo Village is designed by the conditions of the surrounding natural milieu, striving to create a close connection with the nature both indoors and outdoors. We are saving part of the forest in the plot, so the nature is to be found also right next to the building. The parking building has a green roof. There are separate charging stations for electric cars and bikes. Mondo Village will be certified Excellent by the BREEAM environmental rating system.

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Uku Jaatinen
Uku Jaatinen

Sales Manager, NCC Property Development

Mika Välkki
Mika Välkki

Project manager, NCC Property Development

Quick Facts
  • City: Vantaa
  • Project type: Office
  • Project phase: Future, For Rent
  • Project status: Under development
  • Office space: 37500 m²
  • Certificates: BREEAM
  • Architect name: Optiplan