Aerial photo of Nyhamnen in Malmö.

Premises in sustainable neighborhood

In the Kattegatt neighborhood in Nyhamnen in Malmö, social sustainability is the focus. Here we plan to build 25,000 sqm offices and retail that contribute to the expansion of a city where people thrive.

A place where people feel good

From the Kattegatt neighborhood in Nyhamnen you are close to both the sea and Malmö's central station. Everyone who is going to Dockan and the Western Harbor pass the block before they reach the flap bridge. Something that gives our office and commercial property a very good sign position. The neighborhood itself and the whole of Nyhamnen are being developed with social sustainability in focus. This means that through urban development we create an environment where all residents of Malmö want to be and where they feel welcome.

  • Office and retail space: a total of 30,000 sqm
  • Construction start: 2024
  • Move in date: 2026
  • Environmental certifications: BREEAM Excellent
  • Location: The Kattegatt neighborhood in Nyhamnen in Malmö
  • Parking garage is nearby
  • Public transportation: Near Malmö Central Station

The premises that make it possible

The right office is a success factor. A modern office that is adapted to the business becomes both the company's image and a place where employees can work efficiently. People who feel good at the workplace have lower sick leave, perform better and thereby generate more profit for the company. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important to offer an inspiring work environment in the right position to attract and retain the best employees. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies see the office as a business strategic tool.

Nyhamnen is developing again

The entire area Nyhamnen will be developed. Offices, commerce, housing, parks and streets should take place just north of Malmö Central Station. An in-depth overview plan is now being developed together with Malmö City, where guidelines are developed for how the area should be developed.

  • Malmö Central Station
  • Malmö Live
  • Malmö University
  • Banks
  • Gym
  • Restaurants
  • Service
  • Hotel and conference - Clarion, Comfort, Savoy

Easy to go, walk and bike to and from the Kattegat

Nyhamnen is centrally located in Malmö with plenty of existing transportation possibilities. You can easily get here by bus and bike or on foot from Malmö Central Station. Parking is available in one in the nearby parking garage.

  • Parking: In a nearby parking garage
  • Car: Via Carlsgatan or Jörgen Kocksgatan
  • Bus: Local bus, regional bus and airport bus, 4 minutes walk
  • Train: Malmö Central Station, 4 minutes walk
  • Flight: Kastrup, 20 min by train and Malmö Airport, 40 min by car
  • Other: Bicycle paths and walkways pass the property


When you choose environmentally certified premises, you take responsibility for sustainable development. Your environmental responsibility generates profitability in the form of lower energy costs, a strengthened brand and satisfied employees who feel good and perform at the top.

The environmental certification will be your receipt

For Nyhamnen, the environmental goals are high. Through an environmental certification in the second highest level BREEAM Excellent you get an objective receipt that the property is of high quality and really lives up to the high environmental goals.

BREEAM takes a holistic approach to the building and the surrounding surroundings. Approved certification means that the property has been evaluated against a number of established guideline values, Energy and water use, indoor climate, pollution, transport, building materials, waste management and management processes are a selection of all the aspects that are evaluated.

Low energy consumption - a common goal

In the Kattegat there are all conditions for you as a tenant to work climate wise. Here, for example, electricity, heating and cooling are measured individually. The high technical standard provides low operating costs, flexible premises and a good indoor climate. The environmental certification also means that the indoor environment is healthy for you and your colleagues. A move here is a positive position on sustainability issues, which strengthens the brand.

  • Low energy consumption - lower costs and carbon dioxide emissions
  • Environmentally sound material choice - a sustainable society
  • Healthy indoor climate - lower sick leave
  • Individual measurement of electricity and heating / cooling - pay only for your own business
  • Environmental training for the tenant - lower environmental impact
  • Green lease - lower environmental impact

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