A picture of the facade of Valle Wood, made of wood.
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Valle Wood - unique office building in solid wood

The office buildings at Valle have a good exposure towards the highway E6, and a central location close to the public transportation hub of Helsfyr.

Valle Wood – the heart of Valle

Valle Wood is Norway's largest commercial building in cross laminated timber! The material choice gives a natural Nordic feel that establishes an identity for the building itself and the surrounding area.

Let us show you Valle Wood

Inside Valle Wood, we have created a different office concept, with space for co-working and start-ups, meeting rooms, conference facilities and various catering and service provision. Here, you can also find the delicious restaurant Trewerket where you can enjoy your daily lunch or have dinner or afterwork.

The facilities combined with the experiences at the stadium and new housing, not to mention a delightful outdoor space in the square, has made Valle attractive for both business and leisure.

Experience offices space that makes people and companies happy and motivated!

Central location

The building is adjacent to Vålerenga stadium, which was completed in 2017 along with new housing in the area, making Valle an exciting new destination with a great buzz and a high level of activity.

Whether you come at it from the east, west, north or south, the routes to Valle are numerous and not particularly long. It is barely 500 meters from Helsfyr, where you will find one of Oslo's largest public transport hubs, with buses, metro and airport buses. If you choose to cycle to work, a fantastic new cycle path runs right past, and Valle will have modern cycle parking indoors. The local area also has a park with various paths and fitness facilities. Valle has everything in place for a flexible and easy working day.

Environment and sustainability

The buildings are certified in accordance with BREEAM, the world's most demanding environmental certification system, which takes a holistic view of the building's entire ecocycle.

Tenants who choose an eco-certified office show that they are taking responsibility for sustainable development. Environmental consideration also has a positive impact on profitability in the form of lower energy costs, a strong brand and healthy, happy employees.

Space efficiency and flexibility

Efficient premises mean lower costs per employee, less of an impact on the environment and lower consumption of energy and resources. Valle has flexible buildings with many options to adapt the premises to the needs of the business, in terms of size, content and layout. The buildings and floors can easily be divided up for multiple tenants. In an age that demands a capacity for rapid restructuring, it is important that the office space is also open to change.

The considerable flexibility of the spaces allows room for reorganization and future growth or a reduction in the number of employees. The ability to influence the design of your own premises makes it easier to create an environment that allows space for the personal growth of each individual employee. What will the workplace of the future look like for your business? That is something we can discover together.