The Recruitment Process

We are happy to see that you are interested in the recruitment process at NCC and probably consider filing an application to one of our vacant positions.

We want to treat all our candidates with the respect and openness you deserve and work hard to be clear, fast and honest in our communication and response to you. In some cases, we handle many applications at the same time, and you must wait longer for your answer than you expected. Pease do not hesitate to contact us with questions during the process.  

Maybe you have questions about what happens after you filed an application, here we describe how the process works.

Selection of applications

We aim to get back to all applicants as soon as possible. In some cases, we have a large number of applicants and so the selection process can take a little longer than usual. If you have any questions about the job itself or the application process, you are welcome to get in touch with the contact person in the job ad.

If you are one of the candidates that best matches the job specification, we will contact you for a short telephone interview where we ask some follow-up questions based on your application.

Interview at NCC

If you are one of the candidates chosen to progress to the next step, you will be called for a face-to-face interview at NCC. The interview usually lasts around 1-1.5 hours and will be held by the relevant manager and/or HR representative. The purpose of the interview is to give you a picture of what it is like to work at NCC and for us to get an idea of your competence, skills, personality and drive, as related to the job in question. When we meet, we expect that you have prepared your own questions related to the job and to NCC as an employer.

At the end of the interview, you will be informed about how the recruitment process will continue.

If you progress to next step, you will be called back for an in-depth interview. Depending on the job, you may also be asked to take a personality test and/or a skills assessment. Feedback is given by the responsible HR-representative.


If you progress to next step in the process, we will confirm your experience and expertise by asking you to submit relevant certificates of attainment and the names of your referees. For some positions, we will with your consent conduct a background check.

Contract signing

If you are our final candidate, we will give you final information about NCC’s benefit program before you sign the contract. At this time, we will also agree on a suitable date for you to begin your employment.


If you meet us in person in an interview, we will always give you feedback by phone. Otherwise we will give you feedback by email as soon as we can.

We follow up your experience

To secure and improve our recruitment process, we will send you a questionnaire after application, interview and when the process is finished. Here you can anonymously evaluate your contact with us and give feedback. We really appreciate your feedback and will use it to improve our actions and process.