Different roles, same vision

We offer a wide range of different job tasks and projects. Independently of your area of expertise or role at NCC, you will be a part of shaping everyday life for current and future generations in a more sustainable way.


Working closely with our customers to develop a project from drawing board to a finished building is a varied job that requires top leadership skills. With the customer needs in focus, we do not only offer effective and reliable construction work, but also a rewarding collaboration over time and high-quality deliveries.

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As a business manager, you will guide the customer throughout the project. You have a key role in understanding customer needs and shaping the project in a way that both the customer and NCC feel confident about what is to be delivered. As a business manager you have a key role during the whole project, starting from early design phase.

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As construction projects become increasingly complex, the need for specialist expertise is increasing. At NCC you can grow in many different specialist roles, in areas such as Sustainability, Research & Development, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Human Resources and Purchasing.

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