Awareness Day - A day for reflection and consideration

On the first Wednesday of September each year, all employees gather at 9:00 a.m. at their respective workplaces - whether in production or in the office - to follow a common agenda and focus area shared by the entire NCC company. The agenda should lead to reflection and discussion, and the result should later be followed up by each workplace. 

Awareness Day focuses on health and safety where we discuss our behavior and raise awareness of attitudes and behavior as a team and as individuals. The purpose is to raise safety awareness and strengthen safety culture to contribute to our long-term objective of reducing accidents in general and eliminating serious accidents and incidents.

Theme of Awareness Day 2023: Safety culture 

The theme of this year’s Awareness Day was safety culture –our common attitudes, values and behaviors around safety and work environment. By discussing safety culture, we can together reflect on how our attitudes and behaviors impact our safety and shared workplace.