Time Out

We truly believe that we can eliminate all accidents by taking care of each other and speak up when we see things that seem wrong or risky.

What is Time out?

Time Out is an easy-to-use tool designed to prevent serious and fatal accidents from happening.

It is a key tool that empowers and enables everybody working for or with NCC to simply work safe or not work at all! This is a way to support us in our efforts to create the healthiest and safest work environment in the industry.

By being more aware of others across organizational levels and work tasks, and actively relate to their working conditions and engage in their well-being, you have the best opportunity for calling a Time Out before the accident happens.

How to use Time out?

  1. React and speak up if you notice an unsafe situation
  2. Act yourself and call your supervisor if necessary
  3. Discuss the risk, find solutions and report of any lessons learned
  4. Make sure the work conditions are safe
  5. Continue to work safely