Students and Trainees

If you are a student or post-graduate and want to learn more about NCC, you can apply for any of our local trainee programs, an apprenticeship or an internship.

A first job at NCC gives you a good start to your future career. It will not only give you an introduction to a new profession and an industry, it will also give you the chance to get to know more about the NCC culture and career opportunities.

Each year, we welcome above 1,100 trainees and apprentices to NCC in the Nordic countries where we operate. You will apply for a program locally. Explore your opportunities at our country sites.

Master thesis

As a student, you can write your master thesis with us. In addition to writing about an interesting topic, it is a good opportunity to get to know our organization, gain valuable experience and make contacts for the future. Please see our country websites for details and application. 

Events for students 2023


  • January 24: Uniaden, Umeå universitet
  • February 2: BAM, KTH
  • February 7: Högskolan Dalarnas arbetsmarknadsdag
  • February 8: Branschdagen, Lunds Tekniska Högskola
  • February 9: LAVA, KTH
  • February 10: Högvarv, Mälardalen University Västerås
  • March 2: Mässing, Helsingborg
  • March 22: Nackademins branschdag
  • March 29: Campusmässan, Örebro University
  • November: STARK, Högskolan i Borås
  • November: VARM, Chalmers
  • November: GARM, Luleå university
  • November: BAM, Linköpings University, Campus Norrköping


  • February 2: NTNU, Trondheim - for bachelor students
  • February 8: Karrieredagen vår 2023, NMBU, Ås


  • February 21: Navitas praktikmatch, Aarhus
  • March 8: UCL karrieremesse
  • March 29: DSE messe
  • April 25: SDU praktik- og projektdag
  • More events and information can be found at



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