Employee surveys

Our employee survey, NCC Employee Voice, is an important tool for dialogue and improvement of our common workplace. The results from the surveys are shared with all employees and improvement work is prioritized and performed jointly.

We encourage all NCC employees to participate in the development and improvement of our shared workplace. An important channel is the employee survey NCC Employee Voice, where employees can express their opinion and contribute to improvements that will make NCC a more attractive workplace.

Frequent surveys for continuous improvements

To facilitate continuous improvements, a new digital platform was introduced during 2022, including a new way of working with employee surveys conducted quarterly instead of annually. Through more frequent surveys, employee feedback is always relevant and up to date and we can work more proactively with faster changes and make sure we are on the right track.  

Areas monitored

Areas monitored in NCC Employee Voice are employee engagement, the perception of NCC as an employer and the leadership within the company. In the latest surveys of 2023, we had a higher engagement rate than other benchmark companies in the industry, 8.0 out of 10.

Other areas covered are Health & Wellbeing (including workplace environment) and Diversity & Inclusion (including discrimination). On the question of employees' perceived security of not being exposed to discrimination, harassment or bullying, NCC had an average value of 8.8 out of 10 in 2023, which is above the external benchmark.

How our employee surveys are conducted

The employee surveys are carried out by an outside company to safeguard respondent anonymity. The result of the surveys is transparent for all employees and followed up on Business Area level, in all teams, where improvement work is prioritized and performed as a common effort. 

Examples of measures taken after employee surveys on a Group level is the introduction of our Star behaviors. On Business Area level, examples include workshops to reinforce a feedback culture and to enhance knowledge about discrimination. 

Our belief is that engaged employees thrive and perform better. Through continuous employee surveys, our employees can engage in the joint development of our shared workplace.