NCC Pulse – annual employee survey for an attractive workplace

At NCC you can be part of developing your own workplace. One important way of doing that is to participate in our annual employee survey. By answering the survey and participate in the improvement process, all employee has a saying when it comes to set the right conditions for a performance culture and developing NCC as an attractive workplace.

NCC Pulse is NCC’s annual employee survey. Commitment and the employees’ willingness to recommend NCC to others are two parameters than we monitor carefully. Employee commitment at NCC has increased every year since 2017.

The same positive trend is also noticeable in the employees’ willingness to recommend NCC as an employer. This is in line with our ambition to offer the best workplace in the industry.

The result of the employee survey is more than an annual quality check of NCC’s culture – it is at the same time a tool for dialogue and improvement in all teams throughout NCC. All managers at NCC present team´s own results to their team, followed by a dialogue on how to improve team performance and work environment.

NCC Pulse 2020 ended up in the best results since we launched the survey in 2009. Some highlights:

  • 84% of employees took part in the survey
  • NCC has a higher level of engagement than benchmark companies in the industry
  • Job satisfaction and motivation are on a positive trend, from an already high level

Activities to follow up on the result

NCC has four Star behaviors, which complement the Group’s values of honesty, respect and trust. These connect the corporate culture with business value. By clearly describing the behavior that NCC expects of its managers and employees, strong aspects of the culture can be developed, while desired cultural changes receive an extra boost.

In 2021, 75 percent of NCC’s employees participated in workshops about how NCC’s Star behaviors will drive improvements and change at an individual, team and company level. This work was led by NCC’s managers with the support of facilitators – NCC employees who have undergone training in assisting in the change project.

In parallel, all performance-driving processes and competence-development programs were updated. This encompassed such processes as employee dialogues, leadership training, recruitment and succession planning. The implementation plan extends over several years and the reception has been highly favorable; NCC’s Star behaviors have gained a foothold in the operations as a guide and a governance tool, from management work to start-up meetings.

In 2021, no employee survey was conducted. In 2022, a new employee survey adapted to support continued work on the corporate culture will be introduced.