NCC has over 65 drone pilots.

Our digitalization journey

NCC, like the society we operate in, is undergoing a revolutionary digital transformation that affects everything we do and the relationship with those we interact with. For NCC, digitalization is about the ability to use and create value from the information we generate and have access to.

NCC has a long-term approach to digitization where the focus is on creating a future-proof platform to facilitate a seamless flow of information. Right now, we work to digitize and integrate our own processes and develop services and collaborations with external parties. Below is a selection of areas where NCC works intensively.

  1. Interaction with customers, vendors, authorities and end users. The area includes how we with improved information flows and access to data can analyze and develop products and services in the interface between NCC and external parties. It also covers value-creating collaborations between NCC and suppliers, reporting sustainability to authorities and being able to provide customers with desired data.
  2. Internal efficiency. The area includes all internal processes to streamline daily work. This can be, for example, tender work, design, production, production support, economy, HR, sustainability and health and safety work.
  3. New business models. As a complement to physical products, digitization can lead NCC to find new business models based on the large amounts of data that is available for analysis and development.

Digitalization also improves the ability to anticipate risks, for example economic, quality, sustainability, and health & safety risks. The other side of the coin open- up calculation opportunities to optimize design, cost, material consumption and transports, to mention some areas.

An industry quest – standardization and a common digital language

There is a great potential for NCC, as well as other players in the industry, to take advantage of digitalization opportunities to improve internal efficiency, meet regulatory requirements and develop new products and services. A common digital language and standardization could bring about several benefits throughout the value chain, such as:

  1. Lower costs and environmental impact for all parties in the value chain
  2. Increased productivity with shorter construction processes
  3. Control and monitoring of sustainability
  4. Available lifecycle data

Below is a selection of areas where NCC works successfully.

  • NCC is the industry leader in VDC (Virtual Design in Construction) as we can optimize on buildability by having both design and production inhouse.
  • Digital metering/measuring, stake-out and machine control generate very valuable data
  • Widespread use of drones for decision-making, control and steering. Nordic drone organization with 65 pilots.
  • Widespread use of VR.
  • Very high proportion of connected construction sites
  • Administration and control of sites (e.g. Project portal with digitalized decision points)
  • Order-to-invoice for stone materials. A self-service service function for customers.
  • AI and machine learning
  • Sensor technology for human/machine solutions to develop work environment and safety.
  • Sensor technology also in facilities and buildings for follow-up, control and development of new services.

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