NCC Finds its Profile

In spring 1988, it was announced that a new construction company named Nordic Construction Company (NCC) would be formed following the merger of ABV and JCC.

The new company quickly required a new graphic profile. A logo was developed during summer 1988 by designer Björn Pettersson. An initial "Preliminary Visual Identity Profile" was completed on October 1 and was officially launched on October 15.

This profile included the first NCC logo in blue and yellow, which was to be displayed on as many properties, construction sites and business cards as possible. By the end of the year, 30,000 NCC signs had been put up and the NCC logo had been affixed to 80,000 machines. While ABV's portable cabins had been blue-gray in color and JCC's had been orange, it was now decided that all portacabins would be a neutral bright blue.

The company was known from the start as NCC, but where does the name the Nordic Construction Company really come from? Well, "Construction Company" was simply borrowed from one of the merged companies, the Johnson Construction Company (JCC). Although JCC first became well-known in 1982, the Johnson sphere had actually formed a small construction company under that name in 1961.

The first part of the name, "Nordic", indicated the company's intention to establish a Nordic construction company, a goal that was in line with Nordstjernan's strategy at the time, and could also be considered a reflection of the Parent Company's name. In fact, the company name Nordic Construction Company AB had been registered as early as September 5, 1986.