NCC Head Office

Herrjärva torg 4 170 80 Solna
Phone: +46-8-585 510 00
Fax: +46-8-567 909 48
Open hours: Monday-Friday 7.30-17.00

Elina Salo
Elina Salo

Project Manager, NCC Property Development

Frej Weurlander

Head of Special Projects, NCC Building Nordics

Grete Aspelund

Head of NCC Industry, NCC Industry

Hampus Levén

Head of Segment, NCC Building Sweden

Håkan Hakeröd

Acting Head of Division Hercules, NCC Infrastructure

Investor Relations

Joachim Holmberg, Head of NCC Property Development.
Joachim Holmberg

Head of NCC Property Development, NCC Property Development

Joakim Gullmark

Head of Purchasing Industry Division Hercules, NCC Industry

Joel Ahlqvist

Project Manager, NCC Infrastructure

Johan Lindqvist

CPO & Head of Purchasing, NCC Group

Johanna Fredhsdotter Lager

Group Head of VDC, NCC Group

John Johansson

Division Asphalt, NCC Industry

Kari Kulotie

CIO, NCC Group

Karin Holmertz, Social Media Manager, NCC Group.
Karin Holmertz

Social Media Manager, NCC Group

Katarina Ricknäs

Content System Manager, NCC Group

Kenneth Nilsson, Head of NCC Infrastructure.
Kenneth Nilsson

Head of NCC Infrastructure, NCC Infrastructure

Kristin Inggårde Bodin

Kristin Inggårde Bodin Head of Communication Partners, Communication Partner PD, NCC Group

Specialist Engineering & Sustainable development, NCC Civil Engineering.
Kristine Ek

Head of Sustainability, NCC Industry

Lennart Kjellgren, Head of Purchasing NCC Infrastructure.
Lennart Kjellgren

Head of Purchasing , NCC Infrastructure