Before arrival at site (applies to Sweden)

At NCC, we have a Vision Zero goal for accidents at our construction sites, which is why we make health and safety our top priority. Our sites should be safe and healthy, and everyone who works at and for NCC should have the right conditions to be able to perform their tasks in a safe and secure way. In order to get a good start and a good understanding of what is expected of you, there are a few steps you need to complete before you arrive at any NCC site.

Visible ID06 card

Everyone who works at NCC’s sites should wear their ID06 card so it is clearly visible and comply with the ID06 rules. Everyone at the site must also be able to present an approved ID document on request. The purpose is to make it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to be present at our sites. This enables us to create safer and more secure sites, strengthens healthy competition, and makes unreported employment and financial crime more difficult.

Registered qualification courses in ID06 Competence Database

NCC and other Byggföretagen stakeholders are working together to create safer sites. We and several industry colleagues have common requirements for a number of qualification courses that should be registered in the ID06 Competence Database and thus visible in links to the ID06 card. Please refer to the applicable document, downloadable at the right hand column or here.

In addition to helping to make sites safer, the requirement will also ensure better quality-assured training courses, greater clarity for our subcontractors with common training requirements, and the prevention of unhealthy competition.

About the introduction

To ensure that everyone working at one of the NCC sites receives the same introduction, shares the same basic knowledge and has the same opportunity to be well prepared, we have a mandatory introduction to our construction sites. Each and every person who will be working at one of our sites must have completed the NCC Site Introduction and the industry-wide Safe Construction Training course before their arrival at the site.

About NCC Site introduction

The NCC Site Introduction is an extension of the information and training provided in the industry-wide Safe Construction Training course, and covers aspects that are specific to NCC and the construction site in question.

Our introduction is divided into two main parts:

  • General introduction containing NCC’s basic health and safety information. Part 1 is valid for one year and will not need to be repeated, provided you have spent time on several NCC worksites during that period.
  • Site-specific introduction that contains information about and a review of the risks present at that particular site. You must complete Part 2 every time you arrive at a new NCC project site. For our Industrial sites and our mobile sites , you must complete the Site-specific introduction once a year.

After approved test results in each part respectively, the introduction is registered as a certificate in the ID06 Competence Database and can be linked to the participant’s ID06 card. It is therefore important that during the training course the participant gives their consent for the result to be registered on ID06.

About completing the NCC Site Introduction

  1. You have received an invitation by email or SMS, or scanned a QR code at the site
  2. Follow the link and register/create your account
  3. Check that relevant training courses and certificates are displayed from the ID06 Competence Database. If any of the training courses and certificates you need to present for the work you will be performing do not appear automatically, you can register them manually.
  4. Complete the NCC general site introduction (do this once a year)
  5. Complete the site-specific introduction
  6. Acknowledge/sign that you have read and understood the content, and you will comply with the rules and guidelines for performing safe work
  7. When you arrive, verification and a personal welcome take place and you are given access to the site

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Questions and answers

F: Why is NCC introducing a new way of working and a new solution for handling site introductions?

S: We have a great variety of how we handle site introductions today. The goal is for us to have a common way of working and for everyone who comes to our sites to receive uniform information regardless of where they work. And that team members can prepare even before arrival at the site, which is possible when the introduction is available digitally. The welcoming process at the site will then become smoother and we can get a more efficient start of production. Since everyone sharing the same information, we can also be sure that there is a common level of knowledge, which contributes to increased safety in our sites.

F: Does NCC's site introduction replace Safe Construction Training?

S: No, NCC's Site introduction contains NCC's general safety and work environment information as well as an introduction to specific sites and is a complement to the industry-wide Safe Construction Training.

F: When will the new routine for introductions take effect?

S: What has been decided is that the change will be implemented in 2022 and start in NCC's Swedish operations. In the spring, we will specify when the first sites will move to a new way of working. The transition will take place step by step and be planned based on each individual site and organization. This means that, for a period, there will be sites that work based on existing routines and some that switch to the new way of working. What applies at each site will be communicated in connection with the site starting up. As a subcontractor, you have a responsibility to convey the current information to your own organization and to the partners who carry out the work on your behalf.

F: Who will perform site introductions?

S: All persons who are to work at NCC sites with production, ie. with construction and civil engineering projects or stone and asphalt operations.

F: How can I, as a subcontractor, find more information and stay up to date?

S: You will find the information on or under the pages "for suppliers". There is most of what you need to know about our new site introduction. Once we start implementing the new introduction, you will also find more information and get more detailed information from the site you will be working with in the new solution.

F: Where can I find NCC's requirements for educations that must be registered in the ID06 competence database?

S: You can find them at or for suppliers. NCC's requirements for which educations must be on the ID06 competence database are also found in many industry colleagues. NCC would like to see as many relevant educations as possible registered, it gives individuals and site managements a smooth verification of current certificates and educations, but we have clarified which are the requirements to be available in the ID06 competence database.

F: Why is information already out now? The implementation of the new workplace introduction will not begin until later in 2022, will it?

S: This is a change that will take place during the year. We want to start communication with our subcontractors so that they can have an opportunity to prepare in good time. Procurements are often carried out long before a site starts up, and as a result of the new introduction routine, we already supplement the requirements included in our agreements.