How to send the invoice

NCC would like you to send us e-invoices. Sending e-invoices is a safer, faster and environmentally friendly way to handle invoices.

Invoices must be sent to the correct legal entity within NCC, see list of company names/company numbers and invoice addresses on the right.

NCC offers the following options for sending us your invoices:

E-invoice via file

If you are a recurring supplier to NCC and can send electronic invoices, this option is for you. Read more about how you do it and which e-invoice formats NCC accepts.
Link to NCC e-Invoicing Technical Guide

Beast Portal

Beast Portal is an industry-wide, free web billing service.

  • Easy to connect and easy to invoice.
  • Built-in validation features reduce return handling.

The web service is aimed at those who do not invoice as much to NCC or who do not have a solution for electronic invoicing.

You can find the Beast portal here

PDF invoice via e-mail 

Invoice can be sent via e-mail to:

  • The invoice must be attached to the e-mail as a PDF document.
  • A PDF must contain the entire invoice, including attachments.
  • You can attach several invoices in the same e-mail, if it is one PDF file per invoice.

Please note that any messages you send in the e-mail to will not be taken care of. Instead, contact our customer directly.


NCC accepts paper invoices, but in the long run this will not be possible, so we recommend that you use some of the other options.