Dome of Visions – Creating space for sustainable ideas

The sustainable society of the future will require new approaches, new collaborations, and innovation. And a place for dialog. That is why NCC has created Dome of Visions – a visionary and inspiring meeting place that invites discussion around the subject of a sustainable future. This is where bold ideas can be exchanged, exciting discussions can take place, and new proposals can be presented.

The aim is to give groundbreaking ideas free rein as a means of finding new ways to transition to a sustainable society.

“NCC has a strong vision that we can renew the industry and offer better and more sustainable solutions. Through Dome of Visions, we are challenging ourselves and gaining inspiration in the same way as our visitors,” explains Christina Lindbäck, SVP Corporate Sustainability NCC.

Dome of Visions moves to Gothenburg

Dome of Visions is being rebuilt at Lindholmen in Gothenburg next to Chalmers University of Technology. Dome of Visions in Gothenburg will be inaugurated in June, and will be a venue for seminars, exhibitions and meetings where visitors are invited to engage in discussions about a sustainable future.

The structure behind the giant dome

Dome of Visions is a domed building made in wood and transparent plastic, with a diameter of 20 meters and a height of approximately 10 meters. The facade functions as a protective climatic shell for an inner building, surrounded by trees and urban cultivation enabling vegetative self-sufficiency.

The building is mobile; the idea behind this is that it will be easy to place the dome in unused urban areas. The construction itself is an experiment where materials and technology are tested within the inner building and in the climatic zone outside.

The inspiration behind the Dome of Visions is the world-famous architect Buckminster Fuller, who had well-developed plans to cover the central parts of New York’s Manhattan with a geodesic dome in the 1960s. The architect Kristoffer Tejlgaard was inspired by Buckminster Fuller's vision when he designed the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, where its construction in 2013 attracted a great deal of attention. In the Dome of Visions in Sweden Tejlgaard has taken sustainable architecture to new levels.

Urban podcast from Dome of Visions

“Stadspodden” from Dome of Visions is Sweden’s only podcast on sustainable urban development, and is a joint venture with NCC. Each month Per Ankersjö meets interesting politicians, researchers and opinion-formers to explore a particular theme concerning sustainable urban development. Listen to Stadspodden (in Swedish)