NCC devotes week to health and safety

A Group-wide safety training course, safety drills, health walks, seminars and the introduction of daily health and safety briefings. This week at NCC is once again devoted to health and safety at all NCC workplaces across the Nordic region to promote the company’s shared safety culture.

"I am pleased that we are arranging a Health and Safety Week for the second consecutive year. In parallel with conducting various activities at our workplaces, we are launching a Group-wide safety e-learning course called 'daily safety briefings,' that will be held by our teams. In these briefings, the teams take a few minutes to reflect on and discuss the work tasks they are about to perform and how these can be carried out in a safe manner," says Lars-Gunnar Larsson, Work Environment Manager at NCC.

The workplaces select the specific health and safety activities that are relevant to them. For example, safety drills are being carried out at NCC's construction site at Arlanda Airport. For the third consecutive year, we will be exchanging health and safety best practice with Skanska, first visiting Skanska's Nationalmuseum (National Museum of Art and Design) construction site, then moving to NCC's Södersjukhuset (Stockholm South General Hospital) site.

The Health and Safety Week will be arranged for the seventh consecutive year in Norway, with activities ranging from health and safety courses to seminars and drills. Activities in Denmark focus on fall accidents and also include a stop smoking campaign. In Finland, NCC has invited subcontractors to demonstrate the safe use of equipment on-site.

"Health and safety is a high priority area at NCC where we have clear goals and also a zero vision. The Health and Safety Week is an important occasion for all of NCC to be inspired, discuss and coordinate forces with our sights set on achieving our target of an accident frequency rate of 3.5 by 2020," says Peter Wågström, CEO of NCC.

For the second consecutive year the Health and Safety Week also includes a "Pioneering Safety Competition". The employees are being encouraged to present good ideas with the potential to prevent injuries and increase worksite safety. The best contributions will win a prize in an amount that will cover the costs for implementing the idea.

For further information, please contact:
Lars-Gunnar Larsson, arbetsmiljöchef, NCC 076 125 13 01
Anna Trane, Head of Corporate Media Relations, NCC 0708 84 74 69