Safe and Secure Workplaces

No one should ever be injured or lose their life at work. This is NCC's unquestionable vision for health and safety and forms an integral part of our health and safety policy.

A great working environment has a profound positive effect on the workplace in terms of morale, productivity, health and safety. Creating and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment is therefore a fundamental prerequisite for managing the complexity of the construction process. All NCC employees, partners, subcontractors and suppliers must always act in a safe manner, maintain health and safety as top priority and actively contribute to our ambition to achieve the best work environments in the industry.

NCC is active in an industry that is currently making great strides forward in the health and safety area, but since employees in our industry are regularly exposed to various types of risks at worksites, considerable safety awareness is the foundation for all NCC operations: safety is top priority!

The Health & Safety strategic direction is to reduce common accidents and to eliminate serious incidents and fatal accidents among all workers at NCC sites, within the three root causes: planningbehavior and technical barriers.

  • Planning is important for health and safety, but also a key contributor to increased productivity, efficiency and rentability. We strive to keep the health and safety perspective at the forefront of our minds in all planning processes.
  • Our focus on behavior is strongly connected to our work with implementing NCC Star behaviors, which will have a strong positive impact on health and safety to make it an integrated part of our company culture.
  • Technical barriers are physical or digital barriers between humans and the risk of an accident occurring, which can either stop or warn a person of that risk.

Moving forward, work will be focused on our high-risk areas: working at heightcrane operation and heavy traffic/heavy vehicles. This work must involve partnerssuppliers and subcontractors.