Safe and Secure Workplaces

Nobody should ever need to lose their life or be injured at work. That is NCC’s self-evident vision for health and safety and is included in NCC’s policy for health and safety.

In NCC's culture, working environment and safety consciousness are always top of mind. We work systematically to eliminate the number of accidents, in order to achieve our zero vision. Since 2011, workplace accidents have decreased by 50%.

To achieve a better work environment, it all starts with values. The NCC values give us guidance, in both difficult and everyday decisions. Since NCC's success is based on the individual initiative of thousands of employees, almost everything you do in a working day helps in one way or another. We focus on:

  • Safety culture
  • Attitudes and behaviors
  • Prioritized high-risk areas

Safety and large machines - one of NCC's safety focus areas

Of particular importance is to support the safety culture and inforce the right attitudes and behaviors, throughout management systems and procedures, but also about how you handle the equipment in the workplace and how employees interact with each other.

We put a great deal of work into training on the value of safe procedures and how workplace accidents can be prevented. The Silent Book – a manual that helps us do the right thing in a simple and straightforward way, whatever the language.

Safe workplaces are also about safe and secure terms of employment. In all our markets. NCC has collective agreements governing minimum pay, working hours and employees' rights with regard to their employer.

Awareness Day – A day for reflection and consideration 

Each year, in early September, an Awareness Day is held across the entire NCC Group. At the same time on the same day, all work stops to make way for joint conversations and discussions on health and safety at all NCC's workplaces in every country.

Health and Safety Week

The first Health and Safety Week on NCC was launched 9-13 of May 2016. During a whole week, we put focus on, and further strengthen our common safety culture.

Health and Safety Week gives us the opportunity to perform activities connected to health and safety, with the purpose to further increase engagement for the matter. Starting from your own workplace and work situation, teams and employees choose to focus on activities that will inspire you in your work or address issues that you want to learn more about.