NCC’s Christmas gift will support children with homework help

NCC wants to contribute to promoting learning and education among children and young people. This year’s Christmas donation therefore supports a number of organizations in the Nordic region that provide children with homework help.

“NCC is a knowledge-based company and we have always recruited talented employees and will always do so. It is a fact obvious to us to further develop the company. We want to contribute to good conditions and equal opportunities for young people to succeed at school, which is also the foundation for further studies,” says Tomas Carlsson, President and CEO at NCC.

This year’s Christmas donation of SEK 1 million will be equally shared among the Nordic countries. In Denmark, Finland and Norway, the donation will be given to the Red Cross Homework Help organization, supporting school children who do not have access to homework help at home.

Una Cecilie Aagesen, senior advisor at Red Cross Norway, says:

“Many children and young people in Norway don’t get the help they need with their homework. In a school atmosphere where homework is essential for keeping up, we see that not everyone is getting the same chances to succeed or the help they need. With Red Cross Homework Help, we want to help children and young people realize their potential by offering assistance and support to those who aren’t able to ask for help at home. The initiative aims to even out social differences for students in primary and upper-secondary schools. We’d like to thank NCC for choosing to donate their Christmas gift to us.”
In Sweden, the donation will go to the non-profit association Mattecentrum, which offers free math homework help to children and young people.

“Thanks to this Christmas gift from NCC, Mattecentrum can start Math Clubs for younger children, where we explore mathematics interactively through games and problem solving to solidify understand of shapes and numbers based on natural curiosity. This also allows us to recruit more volunteers so we can help more students in more places,” says Ellen Eriksson, acting secretary general of Mattecentrum.

NCC has previously worked closely with Mattecentrum, and several employees are or have been volunteers in math centers around the country. The Christmas gift further reinforces our close connection to the organization.

“With NCC’s donations, these organizations can help more children thrive in school and build a better future,” says Tomas Carlsson.