NCC’s Christmas gift will support young people learning mathematics

NCC continues to support learning among children and young people. This year’s Christmas donation of SEK 1.5 million will go to four organizations in the Nordic region that provide tutoring for children and young people, which can expand opportunities for a career in construction and civil engineering. In Sweden, NCC is also initiating a long-term partnership with the Mattecentrum tutoring agency.

“We know that education provides children and young people with more options in the future. By supporting organizations that offer tutoring, especially in mathematics and the natural sciences, we can even the playing field and, we hope, get more young people to choose a career in engineering,” says Tomas Carlsson, President and CEO of NCC.

In total, NCC is donating SEK 1.5 million, divided equally among the countries where NCC operates. In Denmark, Finland and Norway, the Christmas donation will go to the Red Cross, which supports children who do not have access to tutoring in the home. 

”With NCC’s donation, we have maintained and developed our LäksyHelppi (homework help) activities and especially supported our volunteers in their mission. We regularly organize instructor trainings for volunteers and support their ability to cope with, for example, recreational activities. Recruiting new volunteers is key to the operation’s expansion and continuity. With your help, we have also acquired supplies and games for activity groups, to make doing homework and learning new things as pleasant and motivating as possible for children and young people”, says Kirsi Lehtola, coordinator of youth activities in Finnish Red Cross.

New long-term partnership with Mattecentrum

In Sweden, the donation will go to the tutoring agency Mattecentrum, which offers support free of charge to improve and stimulate students’ knowledge of and interest in mathematics. In addition to supporting Mattecentrum’s regular operations, NCC is also initiating a longer partnership to strengthen support at locally selected areas in the country, with employees also being encouraged to take part in local group math tutoring sessions and digital initiatives. 

“This partnership is a milestone in our effort to promote both interest in and stronger fundamental knowledge of mathematics among children and young people. We are proud to welcome NCC as a partner of Mattecentrum, as we work together to strengthen self-confidence among young people when it comes to mathematics. It is clear that we share a vision of forming a future where every young person, regardless of background, can achieve greater potential in mathematics. Together, we can inspire each other and, we hope, all the children and young people who are forming their mathematical foundation and future,” says Ellen Eriksson, general director of Mattcentrum.

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