Strategic Leadership Program - Reflections from an education

During an eventful year I have combined my role as a Project manager at Infrastructure in Jönköping with NCCs Strategic Leadership Program. Thanks to supportive and understanding coworkers I’ve had the privilege to be able to sneak away at seven times for one to three days at the time and fully concentrate on my learning and development as a part of NCCs leadership.

Three of the gatherings has been physical as we met in the surroundings of Sigtuna outside Stockholm. The rest of the occasions took place digitally, something that worked out better than I’ve expected. Maybe it’s a sign that we as a company and a society adjusted to new ways of meeting and working together during this pandemic. Nevertheless, I’m thankful for the times we met live due to the possibilities of connecting and getting to know new contacts that comes with the direct meeting between people.

When it comes to content of the program it’s been divided into different modules with a specific topic for each module. This way we’ve been able to go deep into a specific subject and have the time to both learn and reflect during the modules. It’s been emphasized and we as participants has been told that one of the main goals for the program is that we should get an understanding for questions and challenges that managers one or two levels above us deals with. This has been interesting and valuable insight and perspective during this year.

During the program the participants have been divided into groups with an assigned Business challenge. I’ve had the privilege to work together with Søren Evald Jensen, Johanna Fredhsdotter Lager, Charlotta Allefeldt Lager and Bjørn Kristian Hole and together we worked with “business opportunities as a Data Informed Company”. At first, we struggled with the task and how to deal with this challenge but in the end, I think this turned out quite alright.

Jonas Castenbrandt
Project manager NCC Infrastructure