Career and Development

We work together to build for the future, driven by a passion to perform and to develop our construction projects as well as ourselves. Continuous development is a natural part of working at NCC.

We are a knowledge-based company, driven by a passion to continuously learn and develop. As an employee at NCC, you will have plenty of opportunities to develop your competence and to shape your own career. In dialogue with your manager, you will plan for competence and career development in line with company needs as well as your own ambitions. 

Development in theory and practice

Development at NCC consists of a mixture of theoretical and practical training. As learning to a large extent takes place through job-related experience and interacting with others, development activities like study visits, rotation service, mentorships and exchanges of experience with colleagues are an integral part of development with us.

Internal development programs

We are providing various internal development and leadership programs. While theoretically grounded, they are based on everyday work, enabling participants to directly put their new knowledge into practice.

Regarding project management, our ambition is to provide industry leading development programs. Through our training and development initiative, NCC Academy, we offer project management programs focused on knowledge-sharing and mentoring, with networks set up for continued mentorship and coaching after completion. 

Our leadership programs encompass all stages of a manager’s development, providing expertise in leadership and areas such as strategy and performance, finance and change. Many of them are executed together with universities and schools, which we have a long-standing collaboration with.

We are also providing training in risk management, based on the latest research within this field.

Examples of internal development programs

Below are some of our development and leadership programs.

  • NCC General Project Management – for future project and construction managers.
  • NCC Mega Project Management Program (in collaboration with Oxford Global Projects and Copenhagen Business School) – for experienced project managers to train to take on large-scale construction projects.
  • NCC Senior Executive Program (in collaboration with IMD Business School in Lausanne) – aimed at department and division managers.
  • NCC Strategic Leadership Program (in collaboration with Stockholm School of Economics) – for potential leaders in various parts of the business.

All business areas are also offering talent programs, connected by a Nordic network, where participants get to meet each other.

Competence development paramount

As a knowledge-based company, with the core competency of managing the complexity of a construction process, the right knowledge and skills are crucial to our continued success and growth. Continuous competence development and learning are therefore of paramount importance when working at NCC.

NCC's Mega Project Management Program

Our program for experienced project managers helps us further develop our ability to deliver large, complex projects.