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We’re looking for employees who want to develop the best sustainable solutions for the future.

Available jobs in NCC Building

NCC Building is specialized on sustainable housing and offices for both public and private customers. We are always looking for talented co-workers and can offer a dynamic work environment, skilled colleagues and industry leading knowledge within sustainability and digitalization.

Available Jobs in NCC Industry

NCC Industry focuses on production of stone material and asphalt, foundation work and recycling of construction materials. Our high ambitions to deliver sustainable solutions has resulted in an inspiring an innovative work environment.

Available jobs in NCC Infrastructure

NCC Infrastructure is a full range infrastructure provider offering design and production within Civil Engineering and Infra. We have a strong market position within sustainability, digitalization and innovative methods.

Available jobs in NCC Property Development

NCC Property Development develops and sells commercial properties in the Nordic region. Our project portfolio contains sustainable office, retail and logistics properties in attractive locations characterized by a deep understanding of specific customer requirements.