The Inclusive City

The Inclusive City is an interactive platform that explores life and urban development in the four Nordic capitals.

The platform is based on a new survey where we have asked residents in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo about how they experience their city. Anyone who wishes is welcome to explore this data via our unique data mixing board. We have also talked to experts in urban planning about how they view the results and what solutions they envisage for some of the current problems.

The data is based on a digital survey of 4,039 respondents evenly distributed between the greater city areas of Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo. The respondents were a nationally representative quota of age and gender, from 18 to 65. The survey was conducted from 5-29 January 2016.

Ingela Jerat. Photo/illustration: Erik Mårtensson
Ingela Jerat

Head of Digital, NCC Group