Through our research and development projects we want to develop expert knowledge within NCC, change the industry and support our continuous work with the most sustainable solutions.

Many of our R&D-projects are done in collaboration with universities and colleges in Sweden and Europe. We are an active partner in strategic innovation set-ups like Smart Built Environment, Infra Sweden 2030 and Re:Source. We are also part of ENCORD and other R&D-networks in Europe.

Smart construction for an affordable cost, with as minimized climate effect as possible and maximized social inclusion are important tasks for our future and we are doing all we can to improve construction methods, partnering processes and ways to lower the energy consumption in all parts of our projects.

The world is changing

In 2050 70% of the population on earth is estimated to live in urban areas and in the larger cities in the Nordic regions big infrastructure or housing projects are either on-going or being planned. Even though the end-product is in high demand the construction time for larger projects can sometimes interfere with the neighborhood or community. To meet this challenge an EU-project about non-disruptive construction in urban areas has been initiated with the purpose decrease the negative effects in the surrounding areas. A good example how to use this as a starting point in construction is our project "The Rotebro Job" and our concept bridges.

Innovation is leading the way to make it easier for our clients to understand what we at NCC develop. We've been using VR-glasses as one of the first constructions companies in the industry. Using these has not just made communication between architects and clients easier they are also used in production to plan critical paths or train certain stages prior to factual production.

Some examples of this is our work with the SCA-house and the Eastern Children's hospital both located outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. Our organization is in constant development. Even if long-term R&D itself will not produce new products or processes, it serves as a base for further development within NCC.

Through R&D projects we will develop, foster and attract expert competence in and to NCC but also, which is a very important task, scout for new trends and technologies in order to have knowledge of frontier development of importance for NCC. We believe networking is an important part in achieving this and we have several examples of where this has led to real projects. Furthermore, performing R&D creates attractiveness for our stakeholders and it is very much in line with our brand.