We offer high quality stone material acquired during our ongoing project works with expansion of Stockholm's new container port, Norvik harbour, located South of Stockholm.

Deliveries of stone materials from Norvik are scheduled to begin Q1 / Q2 2020 and might go on for the next 20 years. Our working method allows our delivery capacity to be adapted to your needs.

The material obtained from the expansion of Norvik's harbour is perfectly suitable for variable applications such as; concrete and asphalt production, rock armoured water building and reinforcing, bearing and upper layers of the road construction.

The low MD and LA value guarantee good resistance to abrasion and fragmentation, which leads to a longer service life for the superstructure and the top layer (asphalt) even on high-traffic motorways.

Frost resistant concrete

The material designed for ballast for concrete production contains no chlorides. Its low cleavage contributes to the good mobility in the finished concrete. Water absorption below 1%, which gives a frost resistant concrete, and the activity index below 1 is a very good prerequisite for buildings where people live and work.

Before shipment, the material is stored in designated area for 4 weeks, allowing it to reach an optimal degree of maturity.

NCC's facilities are certified according to ISO recognized standards for quality and environment, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015