City Cable Car, Gothenburg

On behalf of the City of Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration, NCC is contributing to the task of implementing a feasibility study and producing a cost estimate for a cable car between Järntorget and Wieselgrensplatsen in central Gothenburg.

The project is a turnkey contract in partnership with the City of Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration. NCC and subcontractor Leitner, an Italian cable car builder, have been engaged to complete an initial phase that will last for around one year.

This phase will involve a feasibility study and the calculation of a cost estimate for construction. A political investment decision will then be taken on proceeding to the second phase, which will be the actual construction work.
The planned length of the cable car is 2,900 meters, stretching between the two squares Järntorget and Wieselgrensplatsen with two intermediate stations, at Lindholmen and Västra Ramberget.

If the project is built, the cable car will be the first in Sweden to be integrated with the regular public transport system and is set to transport 2,000 passengers per hour in each direction, which is equivalent to a tram line running trams at five minute intervals.

Route of the Cable Car. Illustration: Göteborgs Stad Trafikkontoret
Picture of Victoria Modin, project manager NCC Infrastructure.
Victoria Modin

Project Manager, NCC Infrastructure