Kivistö City Centre – A growth centre in the metropolitan area

Kivistö will grow into a centre of 30,000 inhabitants, with a 100,000 m2 shopping and service centre at his heart at the top of the Ring Rail Line. NCC, Skanska, HOK-Elanto and Kesko are developing the city centre in cooperation with the City of Vantaa. A diverse and new city centre will be built around the busy station, including a large array of commercial and public services, lively experiences and something new at every visit.

  • The total area of the shopping centre, together with its hypermarkets, library, healthcare services, residences and hotel, bus terminal and entertainment and recreation, will be 100,000 m2.
  • The Ring Rail Line was opened in summer 2015, bringing 15,000 passengers to Kivistö every day.
  • The Housing Fair Finland was organised in Kivistö in summer 2015.
  • Target for opening of 1st phase is 2020
  • Cooperation project between NCC, Skanska, HOK-Elanto, Kesko and the City of Vantaa

A whole new shopping centre concept, offering the newest of the new

A new urban centre will be built in the Helsinki metropolitan area, offering impressive meeting places and experiences for residents, commuters and service users. The city centre secures the everyday lives of local residents and attracts people from afar – being one of the largest centres in the Helsinki region. Commercial premises will be built on 2–3 floors, and the centre can be accessed from all directions. The shopping centre is driven by Citymarket and Prisma. In addition to basic services, there will be something new and special – pop-ups, different forms of online shops, and experiences.

Kivistö is a growing area

Kivistö is one of the fastest growing and developing centres in the Helsinki metropolitan area. As Kivistö had a population of 8,317 in 2013, the figure is estimated to increase to more than 14,000 by 2023. According to a rough estimate, there will be some 30,000 inhabitants in the Kivistö area in 2030–2040. The increase in population is also affected by the 2015 Housing Fair, for which 27 detached houses and three multi-storey buildings will be built. Within a ten minutes' drive, there are 80,000 residents, and within a 15 minutes' drive, there will be 315,000 people in the near future.

The number one shopping area in the Helsinki region in terms of accessibility

The centre to be built by highway 3, close to Ring Road III and along the Ring Rail Line will be easily accessible. Perfect connections from the motorway and other routes, plenty of parking spaces, for commuters as well, the possibility to go shopping by train, a modern bus terminal, and thoroughly designed pedestrian routes with bicycle parking make the centre an attractive place for shopping and recreation. The airport is only a six-minute train ride away.

BREEAM, LEED and one planet living

The city centre follows the BREEAM, LEED and One Planet Living environmental standards.

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Petri Anttalainen, Retail Director, NCC Property Development. Photo/illustration: N/A
Petri Anttalainen

Retail Director, NCC Property Development

Quick Facts
  • City: Vantaa
  • Project type: Office, Retail
  • Project phase: Future, For Rent
  • Project status: Project stage
  • Move in date: 2020
  • Retail space: 1st phase 60,000 m2
  • City centre: library, healthcare services, housing, hotel, bus terminal, entertainment and leisure
  • Parking spaces: 3,500 pcs
  • Sales target: 250 M€/year
  • Target for customer visits: 7 million visitors/year
  • Sphere of influence: 80,000 customers within a 10 minute drive, 1,1 million consumers within a 30 minute drive
  • Leasable retail spaces: 30-2,000 m2