Kristinebergshöjden – Central location close to both water and greenery

Kristinebergshöjden will be built along the coast of Lake Mälaren. With convenient transport links and a location next to verdant parks, this will be a workplace to be proud of.

Having the right office is a success factor. A modern office that is adapted to the business activities that will be pursued becomes both the company’s face to the world and a place where employees can perform efficiently. Next to the waters of Lake Mälaren, the fine district of Kristineberg and verdant parks, we are developing the Kristinebergshöjden office building and work environments that will provide your organization with the best possible conditions for success.

  • Flexible premises
  • Generous ceiling height
  • Kristineberg metro station, 2 minutes (green line), Stadshagen metro station, 7 minutes (blue line)
  • Ceiling height, 2.70 m – allows for excellent natural lighting

Spacious and bright premises, centrally located

A large number of new offices, housing units and shops are currently being developed in western Kungsholmen. As a part of this effort, we are developing the Kristinebergshöjden office building, which will be easily accessible from the Kristineberg metro station. The property is highly visible from Essingeleden and Drottningholmsvägen, thus providing you with an excellent signage location.

The premises in Kristinebergshöjden will be bright and spacious, admitting plenty of daylight. Thanks to ingenious technological solutions, the floor areas can be arranged with considerable freedom. This also facilitates efforts to change the office premises as the organization grows. Flexible premises will also be highly cost-efficient, which becomes particularly noticeable in terms of operating costs.

Internal processes and work flows will be improved – conditions will be created to increase job satisfaction and strengthen your corporate culture. It is a property with premises that will attract new employees and give existing employees a sense of pride.

Surrounded by water, greenery and excellent services

Although you are in the heart of the city, Kristineberg is not too far from the waters of Lake Mälaren. It is also a workplace where you can enjoy the verdant parks. Right next to Kristinebergshöjden, you will find, for example, Kristineberg Palace and its beautiful palace gardens. You can walk along the waterfront and view beautiful scenery all the way to Karlberg Palace, where you will also pass the newly developed area of Hornsbergs Strand, with its beach and outdoor gym.

On the other side of Drottningholmsvägen is Rålambshov Park and magnificent walkways along Norr Mälarstrand, a route that also features excellent restaurants such as Orangeriet.

In 2017, the Kristineberg district will have 15,000 working individuals and 20,000 residents. In pace with people relocating to the area, a new city district will emerge with restaurants, shops and other services. Lindhagen, with supermarkets, a liquor store (Systembolaget) and pharmacies, is a short walk away. It is also convenient to cycle or walk to Fridhemsplan and Alvik, where shops, gyms and restaurants are at your disposal.

Proximity to public transport links

Kristinebergshöjden is strategically located in the district, close public transport links and an excellent network of bicycle paths. Parking facilities for both cars and bicycles are ample.

  • Kristineberg metro station, 2 minute (green line)
  • Stadshagen metro station, 7 minutes (blue line)
  • Bus routes 49 and 56.
  • Stockholm Central Station, 10 minutes
  • Essingeleden, direct connection
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport, 30 minutes, Bromma Stockholm Airport, 10 minutes
  • Close to light rail link: take subway, one stop to Alvik 


By choosing an environmentally certified premises, you assume responsibility for promoting sustainable development. Your environmental responsibility generates profitability in the form of lower energy costs, a stronger brand and satisfied, thriving employees at peak performance.

Environmental certification will be your guarantee

The environmental objectives for Kristinebergshöjden are stringent. With environmental certification through BREEAM, you receive objective evidence that the property maintains a high quality and genuinely lives up to stringent environmental objectives. Similarly, the environmental certification is confirmation that the indoor environment is healthy for you and your employees.

BREEAM adopts a holistic approach to the building and the surrounding environment. Achieving certification entails that the property has been evaluated in relation to a number of established benchmark values, energy and water consumption, indoor climate, pollution, transport, building materials, waste management and property-management processes are just some of the aspects that are assessed.

Low energy consumption – a shared goal

The building’s energy consumption will also be certified through GreenBuilding. Such certification is objective evidence that the property maintains a high quality and genuinely lives up to the stringent environmental objectives. Kristinebergshöjden has all the conditions necessary for you, as a tenant, to work in a climate-friendly manner. For example, electricity, heating and cooling are individually metered. The high technological standard generates low operating costs, flexible premises and a comfortable indoor climate.

A move to Kristinebergshöjden represents a stance in favor of sustainability, thus enhancing your company’s brand. A move to Kristinebergshöjden means that your organization will have the best conceivable work environment.

  • Practice what you preach in an environmentally certified property – strengthen your brand
  • Low energy consumption – reduced costs and lower carbon emissions
  • Selection of eco-friendly materials – a sustainable society
  • Healthy indoor climate – low sickness absence
  • Individual measurement of electricity and heating/cooling – pay only for your own operations
  • Environmental training for the tenant – reduced environmental impact
  • Green leases – reduced environmental impact
Quick Facts
  • City: Stockholm
  • Project type: Office
  • Project phase: Future
  • Construction start: 2019
  • Move in date: 2021
  • Certificates: BREEAM
Annika Eriksson

Account Manager Letting, NCC Property Development

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