Next - state-of-the-art office space in the prominent Keilaniemi area of Espoo

A new fascinating office building in Espoo, in the middle of the historic Keilaniemi area with great connectivity by public transport is ready for new success stories. This is the Next Big Thing!

  • An agile working environment offering multi-space flexibility and co-working facilities
  • Spaces and services to enhance job well-being: park, restaurant, café, terrace and outdoor gym
  • Good staff facilities and parking for bike commuters
  • Sustainable implementation, targeted level BREEAM Excellent
  • Tenant: Fiskars Group

Next offers perfect conditions for present-day office work. This is where your personnel will stay comfortable and motivated which is a top priority. The days of hiding in the cubicle are over – modern office work is all about empowering, creative and inspiring activity that offers plenty of networking opportunities.

Keilaniemi has positive traditions

Keilaniemi has a special place in the history of Finnish society and in the development of economy, welfare and urban planning in Finland. Formerly part of the Hagalund Manor, the area became the home of flourishing businesses, a landmark of wealth and great advancements – a cape of good hope. Today it is best known as a prominent business hub where many companies have set up their headquarters. For several decades Keilaniemi has been the image of construction for the Finnish economy and technology competence, growth and globalisation.

Distinguished architecture and Scandinavian interior design

Classy. Cosy. The spaces at Next exude the feeling of newness and uniqueness. There is nothing superficial or shallow about them: every single detail in the design reflects the basic idea to create comfort with a modern twist. We wanted to come up with a space that inspires, helps to carry on and brings joy every day – something for everybody to be proud of, something that stands the test of time.

Next is in the middle of everything

Next is next to a green area with beautiful views opening to the sea. It is an elegant gatehouse on route to Keilaniemi. Next is within easy reach both by public transport and car. The metro station is located within 50 metres and the access to Ring Road is close by. Good staff facilities and bike parking encourage biking to work.

Cosy office space

Next creates a working environment to support your company’s success in every way. The multi-space office is a well-balanced combination of natural meeting points and silent spaces for more demanding work assignments. Cosy break rooms encourage conversation, and withdrawing rooms of different sizes are suitable for further elaborating the ideas. Fresh indoor air and ample natural light create energy in the spaces which add to the work well-being.

Entire building or floor for single user

Are you planning on bringing your headquarters to Next? It offers about 9,500 square metres of office space on seven floors. At Next you can easily fit 100 work desks in one floor. There are additionally conference rooms of different sizes and a spacious coffee room for encounters and relaxation.

Sustainable building

Next is built to standard Excellent as per the BREEAM environmental rating system. Bike commuting is supported in many ways, there are good staff facilities and bike parking on the premises. Company-specific environmental values can also be considered in the space planning.

Join the success

Keilaniemi is the flagship of construction for economic and technology competence.  There are several thriving companies already operating in the area, such as Kone, Valmet, Accountor, Rovio, Nissan, Capgemini, Bayer and Dell. The historical business district offers potential for networking and co-operation. This is where people are used to achieving great results. The global market is only a small step away from here.

Otto Ahtola
Otto Ahtola

Sales manager, NCC Property Development

Pirkka Pikkarainen
Pirkka Pikkarainen

Project Director, NCC Property Development

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