Ørestad Down Town

Ørestad Down Town comprises development rights of 82,000 m². The individual buildings can be used as one, or subdivided according to the tenant’s needs. Offices and headquarters of all sizes, close to the airport, train and motorway.

In the heart of Ørestad, we have created a plan for an independent district – Ørestad Down Town. A vibrant district that will encourage people to come and enjoy cultural and culinary activities at street level and behind the properties’ open facades.

Ørestad Down Town

 One of the guiding themes for Ørestad Down Town is an attractive urban life. The concept is based on a “business campus” with freestanding buildings placed around a central square. The lowest buildings are located closest to the square. The intimate spatial design with open and active public-friendly ground floor levels will make the area an enjoyable place to spend time.

The pleasant atmosphere and all the facilities that Ørestad as a whole has to offer will make it easier to attract the best employees to a workplace in Ørestad Down Town.

We have also set out the framework for an environmentally sustainable district with low-energy buildings, local stormwater management and green roofs.

Promotion and headquarters in all sizes

The buildings gradually rise in height towards the outer edges of the district, forming a bowl shape that ranges from 4 to 12 floors. This creates an opportunity for promotion down towards the square.

There is excellent visibility from the motorway, offering an opportunity for outward promotion for those businesses that choose to site themselves in the outer ring of buildings.

Headquarters of any size from 3,000 m² can be built according to need, with the varied and flexible size of the buildings ensuring that all needs can be accommodated. In other words, you can choose the exact size of property to suit your business. The total development opportunities in the district amount to around 82,000 m².

Architecture and access

The goal is to create a district with a large degree of diversity. This means constructing buildings that vary widely in terms of facade materials, colors and window designs, not to mention height. It is thus possible to have considerable influence over the final architecture for a particular business.

Arriving on foot from Ørestad Station, it is a special experience to descend the large, landscaped steps with their places to sit and enjoy the views of the local square and the surrounding buildings.

Arriving by car or bike, you can drive straight into the dry car park directly beneath the office. Then you simply take the elevator or stairs up to work.

The whole district provides a good network of paths for cyclists and pedestrians, plus calm shared-space streets for cars.

Every business is unique

The opportunity for businesses to have their own headquarters, even smaller ones down to 3,000 m², is a unique feature of Ørestad Down Town. Each business has the chance to make its individual mark – both visually and architecturally – helping to create a varied and yet cohesive district. 

Modern headquarters from NCC are very different from those that were available just 10–15 years ago.

  • Today there is a strong focus on energy use and savings, indoor climate and working environment, waste management and commercially viable operation and maintenance.
  • On the electricity front, new, energy-saving light fittings ensure good lighting conditions at work while at the same time cutting down on electricity consumption.
  • Efficient heat exchangers and water-saving toilets and fittings also reduce energy and water consumption, which in turn helps to keep down operating costs.
  • Innovative architecture can be used to reinforce the signals that underpin the company’s brand, while a raft of green measures in Ørestad Down Town, aimed at encouraging lower water use, greater biodiversity in the district and use of solar panels, will also do wonders for the image of the businesses here.

Ørestad facts

  • Location:  Ørestad between Fields, E20 motorway, Kalvebod Fælled and Arne Jacobsens Allé
  • Primary functions:  Office buildings
  • Secondary functions:  Retail and poss. housing
  • Design concept:  Bowl shape – high protective edge and lower buildings towards the center
  • Building concept:  Wide variation via smaller building units – both freestanding and attached
  • Urban living:  Urban space on pedestrians’ terms. Open and welcoming ground floors. Central square with active functions
  • Parking:  Hidden below ground and used to even out level differences in the adjacent areas.
  • Identity:  A district with great cohesion, but also the opportunity to make an individual mark via each separate building unit.
  • Flexibility:  Great flexibility in terms of the size, location and composition of the individual building units. 
Ulrik Gram Meiner, Sales Executive, NCC Property Development. Photo/illustration: Jeppe Bøje Nielsen
Ulrik Gram Meiner

Director, Head of Sales and Marketing, NCC Property Development

Quick Facts
  • City: Ørestad
  • Project type: Office
  • Project phase: For Rent
  • Office space: 73000 m²
  • Headquarters: From 3000 m²
  • Move in date: 14-16 months after signing lease
  • Certificates: DGNB

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