Valparaiso – Offices in Stockholm’s new city district, Norra Djurgårdsstaden

Valparaiso will become a center for retail, culture and employment in Stockholm’s new city district, Norra Djurgårdsstaden. An office here will strengthen your brand and provide employees with a fantastic work environment.

In a strategic location, we are developing Valparaiso – a multi-functional hub for retail and workplaces in the development of a new city district. With its special location, the area will be the link between Gärdet, Hjorthagen, southern Värtan and Ropsten.

  • Optimum location in the new environmentally profiled city district, Norra Djurgårdsstaden
  • Modern premises adapted to today’s requirements and demands

The core of the Valparaiso area will be a huge retail park, and a number of office properties that will jointly comprise approximately 60,000–80,000 square meters of space. A large number of housing units are also being built. Energy consumption in all of the buildings will be minimal, thus resulting in low energy costs for both businesses and tenants. The first parts of Valparaiso are scheduled for completion in 2017/18.

Valparaiso is located just where the valley between Gärdet and Hjorthagsberget meets the water, in the “wasp waist” of the new city district. The area is centrally located and will represent a link between the areas to the north and south. This is one of Valparaiso’s key functions – to create new connections to Hjorthagen and Gärdet, which are currently divided by level differences, highway links and railway tracks.

Offices in the heart of Norra Djurgårdsstaden

A company that reflects its culture and values in the premises it uses will strengthen the brand and generate pride among its employees. You will have the opportunity to do precisely that at Valparaiso. Since we also want you and your co-workers to feel good when at work, we are optimizing the buildings we construct taking into account a variety of aspects such as light, sound and air quality. Healthy indoor environments reduce sickness absence and, when combined with accident-prevention efforts, health-promoting workplaces constitute the foundation for sustainable working life.

Beautiful surroundings with a city pulse

Norra Djurgårdsstaden, with Hjorthagen, Värtahamnen, Frihamnen and Loudden in the middle, is perhaps one of the most exciting projects ever in Stockholm. A unique area, as large as half of Södermalm, is beginning to take shape at the intersection between the Baltic Sea, the National City Park and inner-city Stockholm.

Here, a vibrant city district is growing with approximately 10,000 housing units and about 30,000 new workplaces. The location is ideal, close to the pulse and cultural offerings and entertainment of the city. The modern and strong environmental profile will also contribute to the attractiveness of the area. Norra Djurgårdsstaden is one of Stockholm’s environmentally profiled development areas.

The retail park, the offices and housing units require developed public open spaces and with the harbor and the new ferry terminal, this will generate life and activities nearly around the clock. Valparaiso will be a natural destination for shopping, eating and socializing, in the middle of the new city district and also a stone’s throw from beautiful natural areas.

Close to the City, Lidingö and Gärdet

In Valparaiso, various types of traffic will merge. The area will have good transport links including a new tramcar station, the Gärdet subway station close by and well-integrated bicycle paths, as well as natural connections to the northern link. In addition, many will travel from the new ferry terminal in the new, modern harbor that is being constructed in the area. Today, several bus lines and a subway from Ropsten are in the vicinity.

  • New tramcar station
  • Close to the Gärdet and Ropsten subway stations
  • Well-developed bicycle network
  • New ferry terminal
  • Several bus lines
  • Walking and cycling paths


Environmental and economic sustainability

The vision for Valparaiso is an environmentally profiled range ensuring a mix of tenants offering sustainable products. The green presence will increase in the urban environment and will also serve a purpose. Construction will occur using materials that will age in a sustainable manner and the building’s energy will be utilized in the best possible manner.

Together with infrastructure companies, ecocycle companies and energy companies, the prerequisites for realizing the vision for the entire area are excellent.

Low energy consumption – a shared goal

The entire city district is an environmentally profiled area. The city is cooperating closely with the Royal Institute of Technology and with the Clinton Climate Initiative within the framework of the global environmental program, Climate Positive Development Program (Climate+), which includes Norra Djurgårdsstaden as one of 18 city development projects in the world, of the one of three in Europe. The program is based on the sustainable growth of cities, with a focus on sustainability and efficient generation, transfer and distribution of electricity. It is part of a major venture to achieve a two-thirds reduction in emissions in Stockholm by 2020.

The overriding objective is a climate adapted and fossil-fuel-free city district by 2030, where carbon dioxide emissions will be below 1.5 tons per person/year by 2020.

Annika Eriksson

Account Manager Letting, NCC Property Development

Quick Facts
  • City: Stockholm
  • Project type: Office, Retail
  • Project phase: Future
  • Construction start: 2018
  • Move in date: 2022
  • Certificates: BREEAM

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