NCC Head Office

Herrjärva torg 4 170 80 Solna
Phone: +46-8-585 510 00
Fax: +46-8-567 909 48
Open hours: Monday-Friday 7.30-17.00

Head Office Denmark
Head Office Denmark
Visit Address:

Tobaksvejen 2A, Søborg 2860

Telephone: +45 39 10 39 10
Head Office Finland
Head Office Finland
Visit Address:

Mannerheimintie 103a

Postal Address:

PO Box 13, FI-00281 Helsinki, 00280 Helsinki

Telephone: +358 10 507 51
Head Office Norway
Head Office Norway
Visit Address:

Østensjøveien 27, 0661 Oslo

Postal Address:

PB 93 Sentrum, 0101 Oslo

Telephone: +47 22 98 68 00
NCC Head Office
NCC Head Office
Visit Address:

Herrjärva torg 4, 170 80 Solna

Telephone: +46 8-585 510 00

Fax: 08-85 77 75

Open hours: Monday - Friday 7.30-17.00

Ole Faurby

Head of NCC Property Development Denmark, NCC Property Development

Sanni Tuomainen

Head of Urban Development, Finland, NCC Building Nordics

Ylva Lagesson

Head of NCC Industry, NCC Industry

Aage Lien, District Manager special projects, NCC Infrastructure.
Aage Lien

District Manager special projects, NCC Infrastructure

Alf Helge Tollefsen

Project Manager, Civil Engineering Norway, NCC Infrastructure

Allan Schouv Jakobsen, Sales Executive, NCC Property Development.
Allan Schouv Jakobsen

Sales Executive, NCC Property Development

Amelie Winberg

Manager, Media Relations Sweden, NCC Group

Andreas Fransman

Project manager, Drone Operations DOS, NCC Group

Andreas Lydig

Specialist, Drone Operations DOS, NCC Group

Bild på Ann-Marie Hedbeck, chefsjurist NCC Group
Ann-Marie Hedbeck

Head of Legal & Risk, NCC Group

Anna Berglund

Head of Business Support, NCC Building Nordics

Anne Björn

Project Development Manager, Helsinki area, Finland, NCC Building Nordics

Annika Eriksson

Account Manager Letting, NCC Property Development

Antti Sallinen

Head of Finance, NCC Property Development

Arne Andersen

Sales- and Marketing Executive, NCC Industry