The foundation of Smart Choices

The foundation of Smart Choices can be found in the six focus areas, or long-term directions, of the NCC Sustainability Framework. Simply because sustainable business is smart business.

Patrik Österberg

Head of Sustainability, NCC Industry

Focus area #1: Product performance – provide superior sustainable solutions

At NCC, we continuously work to develop more sustainable solutions – Smart Choices. By working together with our customers, we aim to provide the world with even smarter solutions for:

  • reducing environmental impact in a life cycle perspective
  • handling the negative impact of climate change
  • improving well-being during work or leisure

Products and solutions within Smart Choices

Focus area #2: Compliance – be a transparent, trustworthy partner with high ethical standards

NCC stands for fair business. We tolerate no corruption and provide authorities full transparency of our business. Our purchasing and supply chain works according to the highest ethical standards. What we expect from ourselves, we expect from our business partners.

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Focus area #3: Climate and energy – be climate neutral

Everybody knows mankind must cut greenhouse gases by using less, and cleaner, energy. At NCC, we replace fossil fuels with sustainable energy sources. We also support biodiversity with all the means we have. One step at a time, we are getting closer to being climate neutral.

Focus area #4: Materials and waste – close the loop of circularity

Circular economy starts with resource efficiency – use the raw material to the full, generate a minimum of waste and recycle what is left, again and again. And always choose non-hazardous raw materials. Every day, we keep working on closing the loop of circularity.

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Focus area #5: Health and safety – work in a zero-accident environment

Workplace safety touches everyone in our value chain, from employees to management, from customers to shareholders. That’s why our biggest priority is to take the lead in eliminating both accidents and occupational disease.

Health and Safety first at NCC 

Focus area #6: Social inclusion – be an empowering partner in an inclusive society

Companies would not exist without communities. We need them: people, infrastructure, education, other businesses. We want to contribute to living communities. For us, that means creating means for a better quality of life, selecting local contractors whenever we can, promoting social diversity and equality and much more.

NCC’s Sustainability Framework

NCC’s Sustainability Targets