Diversity and inclusion yield efficient teams

We are convinced that companies and work groups comprising people with different backgrounds, genders, skills and experiences have greater potential to achieve better results, increase their innovativeness and simultaneously deliver greater social value.

At NCC we provide a work environment where diversity and inclusion are integrated in our daily work.

To improve performance and stay attractive NCC needs to attract and recruit from a relevant competence base that is as broad as possible. All people with relevant competence, right values and behavior are welcome to NCC. To build a diverse and inclusive culture is important for NCC and a part of the framework for sustainability. It supports the new strategic direction and the fact that NCC has an emphasis on being a knowledge-based company.


Workshops on NCC’s values

NCC is a value-guided company. In the last few years the employees in the business areas NCC Infrastructure in Sweden and NCC Building Sweden participated in workshops on NCC’s core values. These have been led by 100 internal moderators. Through this program, the employees have enhanced their knowledge of NCC’s values and gained new insights into diversity and inclusion.

Active efforts to recruit women to the industry and develop their skills

Stella has been running since 1998 and is NCC’s network for female engineers and academics. Its aim is to support women at NCC, enabling them to exchange experiences, evolve in their roles and be able to assume senior positions at NCC. There are still too few women in production – which is why Stella, with its 500 active members, is needed.