Hospitals and healthcare buildings – we are building for the future

NCC has solid experience in both new construction and the renovation and construction of existing healthcare buildings.

Along with the customer, we look for the most modern, efficient, and sustainable solutions within the project budget. There is an active and informed dialog between the project, future activities, and the healthcare organization. Thanks to systematic cooperation, we are able to make sensible decisions, whether concerning operational requirements, acquisitions, or well-prepared deliveries.

Investing in an active dialog at an early stage allows us to optimize the conditions for operations, maintenance, and healthcare organization. This means that we create a sustainable economy and social benefits for all citizens in the long term. We do not just focus on the building itself, but also look at the impact of a completed project concerning healthcare.

We have both the knowledge and expertise

Our project team brings together staff who have experience in implementing projects that are complicated by technology and logistics and who are well-adapted to their current operations. The staff is accustomed to working on joint projects, which means that they have the right skills and capabilities to work with the customer and other partners.

We also offer a wide range of special support and top expertise concerning frames and installation. We use the latest technology to make the construction process as efficient as possible. This reduces costs and increases quality. The use of VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) is one of the cornerstones of our work.

One of our strengths is local knowledge in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. This provides security, also after the end of the project.
We at NCC have the skills and resources to implement socially sustainable projects in the construction of hospitals. 

  • Picture of an elderly man socializing with a hospital worker.
    Hospitals of the future

    One of Sörmland’s biggest construction projects of modern times is now in full swing. Sörmland County Council has commissioned NCC to build workplaces and patient care facilities for the health service of the future. Four major newbuild projects and a number of refits are to be carried out as the County Council modernizes its operations at three of the county’s hospitals.

  • A child leans against a window while holding a bear.
    Queen Silvia's Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden

    NCC has built a new and modern children’s hospital directly connected to Queen Silvia’s Hospital for Children and Young People in Gothenburg. This project provides Gothenburg with one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals within the fields of highly specialised child healthcare, clinical research and education. 

  • Front picture of Angered Hospital in Gothenburg. A three story flat building with orange and white facades.
    Hospital, Angered, Sweden

    A brand new community hospital right next to the hub for public transport. This is what the residents of Angered got when their new hospital was ready to open in the late summer of 2015.

  • The Skandion Clinic in Uppsala, with fat, concrete, reliefed walls and windows of varying size.
    Skandion Clinic, Uppsala, Sweden

    NCC builds the Nordic region’s first clinic for advanced cancer treatment using proton therapy in Uppsala.