We develop future learning environments

NCC has extensive experience in the building, renovation, and maintenance of schools and educational institutions. Together, we can create inspiring, healthy, and sustainable school facilities that provide the best possible learning environment for students and staff.

NCC helps build a new or renovate your old premises, where an open learning environment motivates experimentalism, cozy spaces increase community spirit, and healthy indoor air supports the well-being of people.

Implementation with the users in mind

We have implemented a number of successful school projects in which joint development, open dialog, and trust throughout the project have been the cornerstones of the project. During the design and development of the school, we consider the needs of the client, the school staff, and the students. Investing in an active dialog at an early stage allows us to optimize the conditions for operations, maintenance, and user conditions.

We do not just focus on the building itself, but we also look at the impact of the finished space on teaching activities, evening and weekend activities, and the life cycle of its usage.

In our projects, we utilize various information modeling methods which also help schoolchildren and teaching staff to be involved in the design.

  • Illustration of the new Laukaa Eco School in Savio, Tarvaala.
    The Laukaa Eco-School

    The village schools in Savio, Tarvaala and Vuontee were joined together in one larger school in Vuontee, Laukaa, in the fall of 2018. The goal was to build an ecologically sustainable school for more than a hundred students for the next hundred yeas. The school was built with solid wood.

  • Illustration of the new Kistefossdammen pre-school in
    Kistefossdammen Pre-school, Heggedal, Norway

    Kistefossdammen preschool will be Norway’s first public “plushouse.” The project will be led by NCC Construction but is a partnering contract among several different parties.

  • The entrance to the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. It is during a dark, winter evening with the massive glass walls encompassing the entrance.
    Kungliga Musikhögskolan, Stockholm, Sweden

    Kungliga Musikhögskolan (Stockholm’s Royal College of Music) has been built in Stockholm’s Östermalm, where high demands were placed on its design and construction with regard to acoustics.

  • The new Carlsberg City District, with a distinctly silver coloured building at the forefront, connected with other buildings and with a plaza in front.
    Carlsberg City District, Copenhagen, Denmark

    NCC Construction to build first phase of a new district in Copenhagen.

  • Aerial photo of Ulsmåg School in Bergen, Norway, during the dawn.
    Ulsmåg Primary School, Bergen, Norway

    The new Ulsmåg Primary School in Bergen is a low-energy building with grass on large areas of the roof. The school is built in solid wood and solar panels give the school an additional power supply.