NCC's role in society

NCC's products and services create value in many parts of our society. Our contribution lies in our ability to proactively manage the complexity of the construction process, based on our experience and expertise. Our projects are diverse, with the overarching purpose to create a positive outcome for all of our stakeholders.

Residential buildings at Rudsberget in Karlstad Photo/illustration: Linn Malmén

Residential buildings

NCC builds attractive housing that more people can afford, and is at the forefront of efforts to increase efficiency and reduce construction costs without reducing the quality of housing. Sustainable refurbishment of older residential areas and development of inclusive city districts are other important features of our offering.

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NCC employee at work at Venjar - Eidsvoll. Photo/illustration: Andreas Faye-Schjøll

Infrastructure - expertise in constructing city solutions, roads, tunnels, railways and bridges

If the infrastructure stops working, so does the rest of society. NCC’s offering includes both smart solutions for traffic in the city, and roads, tunnels and bridges that connect the city with its surroundings. The aim is to make it safe and easy to travel.

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Operation room in Höglandssjukhuset. Photo/illustration: Joakim Kröger

Healthcare buildings

NCC can supply the entire breadth of solutions for the healthcare and nursing segment. Everything from specialist hospitals to healthcare centers. We handle complex projects, subject to meticulous requirements that involve many stakeholders, such as clients, staff, taxpayers and patients.

NCC's offer regarding healthcare buildings
Four people in a meeting room. Photo/illustration: Joakim Kröger


At an attractive workplace both the physical and the social environment contributes to the wellbeing of businesses and employees. NCC has a number of concepts for office premises and is positioned at the cutting edge of development of workplaces for the future. We build offices that match the highest sustainability standard.

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The need for good education and schools is of great significance to our society. In a close dialog with municipalities, teachers and pupils, NCC creates environments that improve learning through an offering comprising both new buildings and refurbishment of everything from preschools to universities.

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Interior at Säffle swimming facility. Photo/illustration: Joakim Kröger

Leisure and sports facilities - niche expertise

NCC creates meaningful leisure for people, and offers everything from bike paths, sports and swimming facilities to inspiring environments for shopping and other recreation.

NCC's offer in Leisure and sports facilities
Facade of the Vantaa City museum. Photo/illustration: Juha Rahkonen

Public Buildings - construction and restoration

NCC has extensive experience of construction and restoration of various kinds of public buildings. NCC is the market leader in Finland in architectural conservation.

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Asphalt paving machine. Photo/illustration: Erik Mårtensson

Industrial production - asphalt

NCC produces asphalt in a variety of qualities and with different properties - standard products as well as highly specialized products. Our asphalts are suitable for everything from farms and bicycle paths to motorways and airports.

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Stone quarry Photo/illustration: Jens Panduro

Industrial production - stone materials

NCC offers earth and groundworks, piling, innovative and sustainable stone materials. We deliver stone materials to everything from garage driveways and small roads to major infrastructure projects. NCC also focuses on the development of new, highly processed products, such as an innovative paving material that reduces the risk of flooding. Real values to a changing society.

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Three people talking in an office. Photo/illustration: Erik Mårtensson


Partnering is a form of cooperation that involves efficient cooperation among various participants in a construction project. Partnering is based on complete honesty and openness among the partners.

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