NCC Infrastructure

We build infrastructure for travel, transportation, energy and water throughout the Nordic region.

NCC Infrastructure administers both large and complex projects that construct and refurbish infrastructure in local communities. Our work covers the entire chain, from design and construction to production and maintenance. Some of the things we have built are roads, railways, tunnels, bridges, harbors, wind farms and production facilities. We have the skills for the entire water and sewage process, and we build and install turnkey water and waste treatment facilities. We also develop methods and technologies to both reduce climate impact and manage climate effects; our projects have included electrified infrastructure, refurbishing supply mains instead of building new ones, and various stormwater solutions to prevent flooding.

To create efficient solutions, NCC Infrastructure works in the early phases and in partnering arrangements with its customers.

  • Net sales 30 %
  • Operating profit 37 %
  • Average no. of employees 33 %