Major infrastructure projects – Nordic Large Projects

Nordic Large Projects is NCC:s specialized unit that develops and manages major infrastructure projects in the Nordic region worth billions. The unit brings together experienced project managers, specialists and other key roles to meet the requirements for this type of project – from tender to project completion.

There is nothing that develops your skills as much as a megaproject. Working in a complex setting will expose you to challenges that do not arise in smaller projects, your skills will be sharpened and you will most certainly grow personally. NCC has the opportunity to take really big projects around the Nordic region.

“In our large infrastructure project unit, we’ve gathered resources from across the Nordic region. All of them have extensive experience of large, complex projects.”

- Nils Bjelm, Head of division Civil Engineering Sweden

The sub-sea tunnels means safer roads and shorter travel time between the main city Torshavn and several towns on the Faroe Islands. This is an important contribution to tieing communities, business and people closer together.
Nils Bjelm, Division manager Civil Engineering, NCC Infrastructure. Photo/illustration: Micke Lundström
Nils Bjelm

Head of division Civil Engineering Sweden, NCC Infrastructure

Per Jonsson, Head of Division Civil Engineering Norway, NCC Infrastructure Photo/illustration: N/A
Per Jonsson

Head of division Civil Engineering Norway, NCC Infrastructure

Illustration of the new Centralen station, part of the West Link in Gothenburg. Photo/illustration: Metro Arkitekter
West Link - Centralen Section, Gothenburg

NCC is building a substantial section of the West Link’s double track rail line beneath central Gothenburg. The Centralen section includes a bridge over the E6 motorway to the east, the new underground station Centralen and around 2 km of connecting rail tunnel, some of which will run through rock.

Picture of a worker inside one of the subsea tunnels in the Faroe Islands. Photo/illustration: Joakim Kröger
Road tunnels, Faroe Islands

NCC is building two subsea road tunnels, and a round about, on the Faroe Islands. The contract is divided into two sub-projects with a total contract value of 2,7 billion SEK.

Illustration of Hjärup station, part of the four track solution between Lund - Arlöv. Photo/illustration: Trafikverket/Sweco
Lund - Arlöv, four tracks

In partnership with the Swedish Transport Administration, NCC, in consortium with Spain’s Obrascon Huarte Lain, S.A. (OHL), is to build four new rail tracks between Flackarp and Arlöv in Skåne, southern Sweden. The contract also includes refitting the stations in Hjärup, Åkarp and Burlöv.

A view of slightly snow covered tracks running into the distance.
Gardermoen Line Venjar-Eidsvoll, Akershus

In 2018, NCC won a contract with Bane NOR to build a stretch of double track on the rail line from Venjar to north of Eidsvoll station in Akershus. The new double track will be operational by autumn 2022 and the contract work will be fully completed by summer 2023.

Illustration of Korsvägen station, part of the West Link in Gothenburg. Photo/illustration: Metro Arkitekter
West Link - Korsvägen Section, Gothenburg

The Korsvägen section of the West Link will be built by NCC and German company Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG and will involve around 3.2 km double track, the majority of which will be in a tunnel, plus a new underground station to be constructed at the Korsvägen transport hub in central Gothenburg.