We are building for the future - can you help us re-draw the IT roadmap?

The construction industry is currently facing a development leap where the change agent is spelled digitalization. NCC is leading the way by developing our business and future proofing our IT platform.

Strategy and IT transformation together

Our core business is building the society. Every day, our thousands of construction projects around the Nordics redraw the map of towns, buildings and infrastructure. NCC sees great opportunities using digitalization to achieve increased efficiency, productivity and greater climate benefits when building the society of the future. At NCC, business strategy and IT transformation go hand-in-hand.

Successful candidates would join the Group function Development & Operations Services (DOS), which leads NCC’s strategy development and major change programs in the business. DOS also drives research and innovation and is NCC’s development and delivery function for IT and operations development.​

Standardization of data is key to success

There is great potential for NCC, as well as other players in the industry, to take advantage of the possibilities of digitalization. But the lack of standardization of data – a common language – along the value chain is a barrier to success. Hear Ylva Lagesson, Head of DOS, on the issue of standardization of data in construction.

Available jobs

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“We are now re-drawing our IT roadmap, with opportunities for you who thrive on becoming an important player in our digital transformation journey. At NCC, we promise interesting challenges in a rewarding work environment.”

- Kari Kulotie, CIO


Anders Håkansson, Enterprise architect

Couldn’t you do this smarter? This is a question I often ask myself. I like to solve problems. My role is to develop IT solutions that make everyday life simpler in our operations. By working in teams together with interesting people with widely disparate skills, such as construction planning, cost estimation and IT, we can find a shared path forward. One example is a system we created that enables us to calculate the amount of materials required based on drawings/models in just two hours instead of the usual two weeks.

I believe the construction and IT sectors share a similar entrepreneurial spirit and motivation – where there’s a will there’s a way.


Jenni Peuranto, Service Manager

The best thing about my job is that I get to help people and that my role is very versatile. I am curious and like to be challenged. I learn a lot in my job as I help my customers to solve problems. This often involves a great deal of cooperation as well as research on my part. Currently, I am transferring our Nordic travel management system to a cloud-based solution. My role could also involve being part of developing a user interface for our local Finnish HR system, or upgrading a platform both at a local and Nordic level.

There are constant changes and digital developments within our IT environment. The varying needs and challenges we face make it highly complex, and as a newcomer you need to be creative, flexible and openminded.


Lene Hassum Sörensen, Application Specialist

The most interesting aspect of my job is that I work with great colleagues and we solve issues together. In my opinion, NCC has a unique culture characterized by extensive collaboration. Everyone is kind, friendly and willing to help. Many of my colleagues are experienced and have been working here for a long time. People enjoy working here. At the moment, I am part of a project to introduce a new time registration system for employees in Norway. This will make it possible for users to track hours from different devices. It is a challenging and educational task.