Four NCC employees smiling and holding each other.

This is NCC

NCC can offer you a varied work life, with unique construction projects and inspiring challenges. Welcome to a corporate culture based on clear values and a strong team spirit. As an NCC employee, you have the opportunity to shape your own career.

André the Explorer

Join André as he explores NCC's culture and meets our employees.

Great development opportunities

At NCC you’ll be working with experienced colleagues and face new challenges that will develop your own professional skills. We ensure our employees long-term competence development by offering a variety of competence networks, internal training and development programs. One example is the NCC Project Management Academy, tailor-made executive programs where the most talented project leaders are getting prepared to take the next step in their careers.

André the Explorer: We build together

What is the key so success when people with very different jobs build something together? Join comedian André Wickström as he finds out.

Strong team spirit

At NCC, constructing the future is a team effort. Here you’ll work with committed colleagues towards common goals and learn from each other along the way. You and your team will also involve a variety of support functions,

representing different specialist knowledge, during the way. This inspiring teamwork will make the outcome greater than the sum of its parts.

André the Explorer: Passion for construction

What makes so many so excited about working in the construction industry? Join comedian André Wickström as he explores NCC and our projects.

Supportive leadership

At NCC you are never left alone. Our managers will support your development and challenge you to take the next step. NCC’s values, honesty, respect and trust, guide our managers in creating successful teams where everyone feels comfortable and can perform their best. In the annual Employee dialogue, you and your manager will follow up and plan your individual career and performance platform. NCC will also follow up on overall employee satisfaction and performance in our annual employee survey; NCC Voice.

Employee networks

NCC endorses a wide range of different networks to meet different employee needs. This includes networks that support knowledge sharing and how to develop in your role, but also networks that make employees with similar interests come together, such as sports and arts clubs, social clubs, networks for NCC’s young people and women’s networks.

Inclusive and open environment

NCC wants to increase diversity at all levels within the organization, since we know that it contributes to a dynamic working climate that supports innovation and employee satisfaction. This includes active action to strengthen an inclusive culture at our workplaces. In addition, we are involved in initiatives to motivate young people to educate themselves.

Sustainable career

Your working life is long, and we want you to make the most of it. Going to work should be fun, and you should be able to be yourself. For us, it means combining good career and development with a good work-life balance. As an employee you have access to different wellness offerings and employee-run network for everything from sports to art. We provide secure terms of employment and safe workplaces is always on top of our agenda.