Compensation and benefits

NCC is a reliable and long-term employer. As an employee at NCC, you have access to a variety of benefits that will both enhance your career but also just make your everyday life a little bit easier. Benefits are individual for every employee and may vary between countries and jobs. Here you will find a general description.

Health and safety

A healthy and safe work environment is always top of the agenda at NCC. All our employees should always feel safe and secure at our workplaces. In order to achieve this, we focus on the physical as well as the psychosocial environment.

  • We have a systematic approach to health and safety, from daily safety briefings for each project to strategic planning and clear goals for the whole Group.
  • We are a stable, reliable and long-term employer that take care of our employees and promote an open and inclusive culture.

Individual development

NCC offers our employees the opportunity to individual development throughout the career. Every year, as a part of the employee dialogue, all our employees and their managers update the individual development plan, including possible career paths, opportunities within NCC, need for training or other ways to gain new skills. NCC has a broad portfolio of internal training courses, both on Nordic and country level.

Salary, pension and insurance

NCC offers competitive salaries, pensions, insurance cover and bonuses in all our markets.

Discounts and special offerings

As an NCC employee, you can access a number of different discounts and offerings. The range varies from country to country, but here are a few examples:

  • Discounts for shopping, culture and entertainment, health and lifestyle
  • Lunch benefits
  • Flexible working hours
  • Healthcare provision
  • Holiday cottages

Employee networks

Social activities are a vibrant and vital part of NCC’s culture. As an employee, you can get involved in clubs, societies and networks in a broad selection of areas. Examples include sports and arts clubs, social clubs, networks that offer young employees a good start to their working life, and women’s networks.

Holiday cottages

NCC has access to a number of holiday cottages and apartments that employees are able to rent at favorable rates. The aim is to ensure that you can fully enjoy recreation and good leisure time while working for us.

Health and fitness

As part of its work to promote health and fitness, NCC provides a range of benefits, including a generous fitness grant, offers with a number of fitness centers, and advice on health and fitness.

An inclusive culture

NCC is certain of that diversity in terms of age, background, ethnicity, and skills etc. in our teams, combined with an inclusive way of working will improve both business results and work environment. We are therefore constantly seeking ways to increase diversity within the company and promote an inclusive culture. At NCC, everyone should be respected and dare to speak up when something is unclear.

Each year, NCC conducts the employee survey NCC Pulse. The overall result is an opportunity to follow up and initiate actions to improve performance and other aspects of the company culture.  In addition, each manager and team will work with their own result in order to improve performance and work environment.