We offer various kinds of aggregates: natural gravel products, crushed rock and recycled material. Many of our facilities also carry products such as soils, sand and specialty products.

Permeable road surfaces: DrænStabil® and DrænAf®

The future is due to bring more and more rainstorms which our sewers and roads will be unable to handle. Permeable road surfaces which drain away the rainwater will therefore come into increasing use as climate protection against the more frequent severe rain events.

Recycled material

At NCC we take care of and convert among others excavated masses, asphalt, concrete and soil to new recycled materials.

035 160826 NCC Sandt+-®rringsfabrik K+-®ge

Sand products can for example be used in slippery conditions, for paving, for children’s sandboxes, when mixing mortar, etc. You can buy sand for different application areas here.

Gravel, macadam, rock flour and crushed rock - the core of our business

Crushed rock products go under many names depending on the application area. It can also be a question of crushed rock being mixed with other products to give the material the right properties. For example, filling material, base course and wearing course.

Shingle - natural gravel is sought after for its beautiful appearance and soft form

Natural gravel products for driveways and garden paths are frequently called shingle (courtyard gravel, pea gravel). Natural gravel can comprise of stone graded in different sizes or be partly crushed, larger stones. Shingle is perfect for courtyards, pathways and as a drainage material.

NCC Armour Stone

With rougher weather conditions, increased numbers of floods and increasing sea levels, the need for coastal protection around the globe is increasing.

Calculate material usage

Here you can quickly calculate how much material you will need e.g. for drainage or a sandbox. You can then take the result to your closest NCC plant.